Africa 2009

Announcements – Evangelism 101109

Thanks Pastor McLaughlin.

Welcome Pastor Shazam from Pakistan, and Faisal John from Pakistan (now Chicago)

Recording video messages this week for the cable network in Pakistan.


We have been so blessed; we actually had a surplus of $10,000 in our account in August, which enabled us to do many things we normally couldn't.

Pastor Azam is printing 3000 more copies of Pastor Mclaughlin's Eternal Security book, and 30,000 copies of one of our new salvation tracts, "Saved from a Death Sentence"! 

These will be distributed to muslims throughout pakistan as they have events in different parts of pakistan. (hopefully we'll get that last believer to complete the body of Christ soon :)

We were also able to purchase some video equipment which will help us in recording messages for pakistan, as well as recording teachings in other countries for them to use as training materials.

In India, Pastor Adams has also printed 20,000 more Salvation tracts for distribution in the villages and slums when they do the "street gospel".  And we are purchasing 130 bibles for the people in India. 

We are in the midst of translating many doctrines into Telugu now, we have actually hired someone their to translate 2 major doctrines each month!  Please pray for this! 

In Nigeria, Evangelist Kingsley is doing well, having his own bible study group (and soon to be opened church) with about 25 adult students plus children. 

And Pastor Chuks is looking for a new church location in Abia State, Nigeria, to capitalize on our new radio program there with pastor mclaughlin's messages. 

Kingsley is receiving many calls each week about the radio programs, and mailing out our books and tapes to several people each week. 

We also hope to bring Kingsley along to Ghana and Liberia in November...

For those of you who didn't know...

In November we will be flying to Ghana and Liberia in western Africa, and we will be in each place for a week, teaching pastors and church leaders, and reaching out to the unsaved and the children in those areas. 

Please keep Deacon Greene (Ghana) and Pastor Victor (Liberia) in prayer for their preparations for our events.

And looking forward, we also hope to visit India again in February, to continue supplementing the teaching at Grace Bible College with Pastor Adams.

With the help of Rita Beaumier, and several other volunteers, we have started printing another salvation tract “Your Sins CANNOT take you to Hell”(out in library, and taking to africa)


(Misael Floriano and Robert Taveres joining us)

Shots - $450

Medications - $450

Visa applications – 6 visas & postage - $800

Flights – for Scott and Robert - $ 2600

          - for Kingsley - $ 1000

Event preparations - $3500

Hotels - $150/night x 2 = $300/night x 7 nights = $2100 Liberia

-      $50/night x 2 = $100/night x 7 nights = $700 Ghana

Transportation (car+driver) - $50/day x 14 days = $700

Food - $500

Printing - $300

Misc.- $500

Total - $13,600

*Good news is that we have $6000 in our account now.


Floods in India - Pastor Adam's, Christian villages. - $$$?

New Church & parsonage, Nigeria, Pastor Chuks & wife - $2500 for one year.

Monthly stipend increase, Pastor Chuks $50/month sponsor.

Evangelist Kingsley $50/month sponsor.

Deacon Greene $30/month sponsor.

Africa Trip - $7600

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