India 2009

2009 Evangelism Trip INDIA

Suffering In Pakistan

1 John 3:17 But whoever has the world's goods, and beholds his brother in need and closes his heart against him, how does the love of God abide in him?


There are 2 Christian colonies in Pakistan that have been burned down and destroyed. Around 100 houses have been totally burned, and the families are now without food, shelter or clothing. About 10 Christians have died as well.

Muslim leaders accused people in the towns of Gojra and Korian of blaspheming the Koran, and muslim mobs burned down about 100 homes, and killed 10 Christians by fire or gunfire.


If you can help, we want to send some money to Pastor Azam and our other Pakistani contacts, so they can help these fellow believers who are suffering. These colonies are about 2 hours from pastor azam.

Please Pray for Pastor Philippe in Africa; his daughter Betty is missing.

I’m sorry to begin with bad news, but we must unite in prayer and support when God presents needs in His predesigned plan for GBC, especially when it concerns doctrinal believers.

We are told to do good to all men, especially to believers, so that goes beyond just spreading the gospel.

Well as many of you know, Robert and I returned from India this past Tuesday.

We spent 10 days there, teaching Bible doctrine to believers and sharing the gospel with unbelieving Hindus and Muslims.

Pastor Birudula Adams has been our main contact in India for the last 3 years now, and he has run Grace Bible College for 2 years now. (pic)

He and his wife Indira also run the church in their remote village.

Something hit me yesterday like a ton of bricks, I believe from God the Holy Spirit…

Luke 16:10

10 "He who is faithful in a very little thing is faithful also in much; and he who is unrighteous in a very little thing is unrighteous also in much.


I was thinking about how for 2 years we financially supported Grace Bible College with only 0/month, for food and supplies for 40 students.

And through that time, Pastor Adams has remained faithful in teaching Grace doctrines to his students every day, without asking for any personal finances and never receiving a pay from us.

We now are even more confident in his commitment to the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, and want to increase our commitment to him and the bible college.

When we were in India, we operated in 3 functions:

  • Daily teaching of Grace Bible College students
  • Preaching the gospel at remote villages
  • Helping with ‘street gospel’ in slum areas

Bible college teaching was from Monday-Saturday, 3-4 hours per day on the doctrines of Salvation and Eternal Security.

The teaching went smoothly and was well received by the 40 students and by about 10 visiting pastors.

We visited 2 villages and did mini crusade meetings, about 100 people coming into the streets to listen to bible teaching.

And we twice went to slum areas, singing songs up and down the streets, passing out pastor mclaughlins salvation tracts in the Telugu language.

Over the past 4 months, pastor adams and his students have passed out 20,000 salvation tracts in hindu and muslim villages and slum areas.

In one of these villages, I got to see Robert step out in faith and jump on a street corner and give the gospel.

“Oh I’m sorry, Robert was tired here”

With the interpreter by his side, he yelled out to the people around us “Come hear the good news! Come hear the good news!”

I was proud to be with him as he stepped out of his comfort zone, operating in the power of the filling of the Holy Spirit.

On this trip we also had the chance to meet 2 more people we see as committed to the grace gospel, without asking for money, but wanting the doctrines.

We have been in touch with Pastor Raja Ratnam for about 1 ½ years. His church is about 4 hours away from Pastor Adams, and he started his own bible college in May of 2008 with 18 students.

He has also used his own money to support the college, as he is supported by the church that he pastors, and he never asked us for money, just teachings.

He actually uses our Tree of Life, which gets translated into Telugu.

Pastor Adams has visited Pastor Ratnam once a month for the past year, helping him in ministry work and teaching.

Pastor Ratnam has been a pastor for 11 years, and has used a bicycle to reach 300 villages in the Khrishna district with the gospel.

As he said to me, his joints are getting tired and he could really use a motorbike to continue this work.

We also were led by God to meet a young lady named Sarah. She emailed us after visiting our website, only 2 weeks before our trip to India.

And after expressing positive volition towards grace doctrines, I invited her to call pastor adams and arrange to be with us at the bible college.

Sarah and her husband Pastor Babu attended the college, along with her father, a Pastor for 25 years. They loved the teachings on Salvation and Eternal Security.

Pastor Babu and Sarah run 6 churches in their area, and Sarah runs the women’s and childrens’ ministries. (she was also the fastest to turn to the scriptures)

To see the positive volition, the desires for the teachings of pastor mclaughlin, without a financial request, was refreshing compared to some pastors we have met in the past.

We look forward to getting many doctrines translated into their Telugu language.

So here are our needs going forward; I feel these are actual NEEDS.

The test in evangelism is to beware of lovers of money, but we see that both overseas and at home.

I believe that these people I have mentioned to you are lovers of God, sold out for the Truth, not lovers of money.

And I believe and know that many of you at home are the same; but for us the test is different… we HAVE the money, the question is if we love it for ourselves, or are willing to use it for eternal purposes of God.

I’m not asking for money for myself or Robert, I don’t want a dime. I’m asking for direct help in spreading the gospel. You can bust me up all you want!! I don’t care.

Monthly Needs: sponsors needed.

  • $75/month for renting larger hall for Grace Bible College
  • $25/month for translator to translate pastor mclaughlins doctrines.
  • $260/month more to provide a full meal to the 50 students attending college from 4-10 p.m.
  • $200/month stipend for Pastor Adams and family
  • $200/month for Grace Bible Institute with Pastor Ratnam..

One-time Needs:

  • $8000 for a used Gospel Van for Pastor Adams/Grace Bible College.
  • $1400 for a motorbike for Pastor Ratnam’s village gospel.

Through these vehicles they can reach more distant villages, and have more time saved to do so.

To give as a monthly sponsor or a one time gift, you can make checks to Free Gift Ministries, or pay by Paypal on

We have been blessed with men that are sold out for the Truth, from pastor azam in Pakistan, to evangelist Kingsley in Nigeria, to deacon green in Ghana, and Pastor Adams in India…

The harvest in huge in India… there are so many small poor villages and slums, with Hindus and Muslims ripe for the picking.

Please pray for us, as we may need to spend more time in India in the future.

I am also praying about being in the evangelism ministry full time, if God opens the doors, so please keep that in your prayers for me as well.

Now I’d like to invite Robert Tavares up, to just share with you what he learned and how he sees things going forward….

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