2008 Mission Trips

Good morning Royal Family of God!

It’s very good to see my Royal Family again, and today I want to update you on our “extended” Royal Family in India and Nigeria, those who hear the Word of God and keep it.

We have been working with Pastor Adams in India and Pastor Kingsley in Nigeria over the last 4 weeks, and when you discover someone that embraces the grace doctrines of our Lord Jesus Christ, and someone who denies the games of religion and denominations, then they become closer to you. Close like an intimate part of the body of Christ, your personal royal family that God has assigned you to. God has opened doors over the past few years, and given to us extended members of the Royal Family to participate in the sharing of the Gospel with.

First, I want to start today by thanking Pastor McLaughlin for his support of my spiritual gift and his support of missionary activity. Over the last few years we have followed the open doors of the Lord and accomplished wonderful things by His grace. And it has been my privilege to work together with Pastor McLaughlin and help spread his doctrinal teachings to a lost and dying world.
Second, I want to thank all members of Grace Bible Church, both near and far. MANY of you have been so active in this evangelism ministry, through intense prayer and giving, and without you we could not do the things the Lord has allowed us to do. We will see the magnificent impact of your commitment when we get to heaven.

And third, I want to thank Blair Buselli and Debbie Parenteau,
for leaving the comforts of home and accepting financial pressures in order to come with me on this trip. It takes sacrifice to venture out on a missionary trip, and I appreciate their help on this one. They were both great and they each filled in a gap that was needed, in their own way that God has given them.

But the greatest thank you of all is to our God and Savior, Jesus Christ.

It is strictly our privilege to serve Him and participate in HIS plan. It has nothing to do with us, He doesn’t need any of us. But He has graciously granted us the privilege to be part of His winning strategy, part of His strategic and tactical victory in the Angelic Conflict. Thanks to Him for the opportunity to fight a small tiny battle on behalf of His Name. To HIM be the glory and honor forever and ever.

The theme for this trip in 2008 was QUALITY NOT QUANTITY, for both India and Nigeria.

We initially expected greater numbers to attend our events, but what appeared to be disappointment turned out for good as God revealed to us those people in these countries who were serious about learning the deeper truths of the Word of God.

We first flew to India on February 4th, and arrived at 1:00am on the 6th. The problem was that Pastor Adams thought it was 1:00am on the 7th. So there we were outside the Chennai airport with 12 bags and 3 people, in darkness, surrounded by 500 Indian people waiting at the airport. But pastor Adams was not one of those 500 people. We tried to call his cell phone, it said it was out of service. So after waiting a couple hours, we took a taxi at 3:00 am to a nearby hotel and shacked up for the night. That was just the start of our adventure, because after contacting pastor Adams the next day, we found out he could not understand English very well. He could write it and read it by email, but he could not understand most of what I was saying. So that was a challenge too. But we managed and went on with a 7 hour drive to the small town of Kanigiri.

This was near pastor Adam’s village, and it was in Kanigiri that our events were planned.

We had a pastors’ conference scheduled for 3 days and we had about 100 pastors show up. Many did not make it due to transportation problems coming from other towns, and I believe they also were not very hungry for the truth. But the pastors we had there were positive toward doctrine and we taught on Positional Truth and provided them with a lengthy translation of the entire doctrine. In fact pastor Adams printed 1200 copies of this doctrine in the Telugu language, and continues to share these with pastors in other villages today.

We also held outdoor crusades scheduled for 3 nights in a row. We preached the gospel of grace to Christians, Hindus and Muslims alike. We had about 1000 people the first night, the second night was a rain out, and rain kept the numbers to 2000 attendees the third night . We expected more people and better weather, but it wasn’t meant to be the huge event Pastor Adams expected.

We also visited Pastor Adam’s home and church in his village.

His church is 12 ft. by 12 ft., with cement walls and a straw thatched roof. His 40 members squeeze in and sit Indian style (guess that’s where the term came from) when they worship.

The highlight of our trip was teaching Bible doctrine in the bible college; Grace Bible College, which pastor Adams has been running for the last year and a half.

There we found 40 eager to learn students enrolled this year, to become prepared before they go out to many Hindu villages and towns to evangelize and help start new churches. They meet from 4:00pm-10:00pm every day, and 3 hours of that time is bible teaching. So this is intense training, although we never stop learning, and is hopefully enough for them to accurately understand the gospel and eternal security, and go forward in God’s plan for their lives.

It was very enjoyable to teach these 40 students. I can see their faces today, looking intently as the Word of God was being taught. We had 4 days with them and taught for 2-3 hours a day. We started with Positional Truth, but because they had the complete notes to study on their own, we switched to the doctrine of Water Baptism.

Some of them asked questions the first day we were there regarding the importance of water baptism, and so we taught Pastor McLaughlin’s doctrine on baptism in full, clearly letting them know that water baptism is NOT a requirement for salvation, and that our salvation is by faith alone in Christ alone, by God’s grace, not by any works or religious rituals. The doctrine was well-received, and it was actually sad to leave them. We continue to teach them on PalTalk on Friday morning at 8a.m. eastern, and we are committed to getting more of Pastor Mclaughlin’s teachings translated in Telugu for their personal studies.

Please keep Pastor Adams and the students of Grace Bible College in prayer. They seem committed to learning the deeper truths of God’s Word through the teaching of Bible doctrine.

And then it was on to Nigeria. Debbie flew home to America after our 2 weeks in India, and Blair and I continued on to Africa. This was our second visit to Pastor Kingsley in Nigeria, and again it ended up being Quality not Quantity.

It turns out the Pentecostal pastors in the area spread the word that we were teaching heresy (in particular regarding eternal security), so many pastors did not attend our pastors conference. In fact, their influence managed to get Pastor Kingsley kicked out of the building we were using for the conference just 3 days before our arrival into Nigeria. Pastor Kingsley and his friend pastor Akuse scrambled to find a place, and God provided another building in the area for our use, at no cost. It was donated by the pastor of that church. And ironically it was pastor Akuse who helped with a lot of the event planning. He is the new president of the Pentecostal fellowship in the town of Gboko. God works in mysterious ways.

And we continue to pray for Pastor Akuse and his wife Joy who are humbly coming to a greater understanding of God’s grace plan for the Church Age.

And so in the poor town of Gboko, Nigeria, the highlight of the trip was the Pastors conference. Last year we had close to 300 attend, this year only around 100. But the people there really wanted to know Truth. I think we built a more solid core of doctrinal pastors and evangelists this year.

We taught these men Bible doctrine for 4 hours a day for 4 days (2 hour sessions, morning and evening). The first 8 hours were on the doctrine of Positional Truth, and after getting through only 12 pages of notes, we told them to go home and study the remaining 40 pages. They had a copy of it in written form.
We did this because the Holy Spirit led us to teach the full doctrine of Salvation from pastor McLaughlin’s notes. At first they were probably thinking “you’re going to teach us pastors about salvation”?!
But at the end they were blown away by the biblical evidence of salvation by faith alone in Christ alone, and all the false ways of salvation promoted by
different denominations.

We also have pastor Kingsley copying the full notes for them on the doctrine of Salvation, and they all will be receiving their own copy this week.

We take for granted having the doctrine available to us, but the internet speed is not good enough there to listen online, and most of these pastors struggle to eat food each day. They don’t have enough money to print copies of our written doctrines. And so one of our focuses is to provide to those who really want to keep learning, the written word of God. And pastor Kingsley is focused on this objective, including printing copies of the Tree of Life for distribution to pastors and church members.

We also conducted a 3 day crusade at the village of Adi, about 40 minutes from Gboko. We saw 2000-3000 people per night, and taught on the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and salvation by faith alone in Christ alone.

We also taught about 300 children in total and shared with them salvation bracelets that Jackie Gonsalves from California made for us. In total in Nigeria and India we distributed 800 salvation bracelets which helped teach the children about our great salvation through Christ. It was an excellent teaching tool and our thanks go to Jackie and her friends for putting that all together for us.

The kids loved the bracelets, they have no money for arts or crafts out there, so this bracelet, even though made of twine and plastic beads, was like gold to them.

And finally in Nigeria, it was wonderful to see the fruits of pastor Kingsley’s commitment to doctrine. Only 15 months ago he relocated to the small town of Gboko.

We helped him open a church, and now he has 40 members meeting in his church building 3 times a week. He is a solid man of Bible doctrine, and
though separated from his family, he has committed to teaching doctrine in this poor town.

His church members are very committed, most not having jobs, and therefore studying on their own during the day at the church. Michael, his prep school leader, is doing a great job. And when we get the video up on the website you can see these kids recite more scripture than most adults know.

We need to help them with more study materials for the adults, as they don’t have access to concordances, lexicons, or computers….

In addition to all this news, the word is expanding through the radio broadcast in Nigeria. There were people at the pastors conference, having heard Pastors teachings on radio. And pastor Kingsley may create bible studies in other cities, like tape groups, due to all the positive phones calls he gets each week from Pastor McLaughlin’s messages.

Pastor Kingsley also now believes he has the gift of Evangelism. This is exciting for several reasons. We sent him out to Ghana in January before our visit to Nigeria. There are two men there who started a doctrinal children’s ministry in the Budubaram refugee camp. Most of the children are orphans, their parents killed in the war in Liberia.

And so Kingsley visited them for 5 days, taught Bible doctrine and loved every minute of it. He feels called to preach the Word in other countries and villages. He wants to go back to Budubaram refugee camp in Ghana for over a month, to train a man named Douglas to be a doctrinal pastor and to start a church there, for the children’s ministry and for adults in the area. They have no building to meet in. When they meet they meet under a tree, and therefore in the harsh rainy season they have no place to meet. There is extreme poverty there as they struggle to find one meal a day. So we want to send him back to Ghana some day. There is so much more I could say and would like to share, but the details will have to remain with the Lord as we are short on time today.

But we are so excited at what God is doing. We even met a doctrinal pastor, Pastor Chuks, in Nigeria who has been learning doctrine under Colonel Thieme’s and Pastor McLaughlin’s ministry for 7 years. He will be filling in for Kingsley while he is in Ghana for the month. And also there is Pastor Selestian, Kingsley’s assistant pastor in training. Some wonderful things are happening in Nigeria.

So let’s set to our goals and objectives for these ministries in India and Nigeria.

We feel we have found 2 honest men committed to doctrinal teaching, and so we want to share with you the potential needs for these ministries. If God leads you to help with these needs, please specify in your giving..

In India, with Pastor Adams, we would like to help him put a new roof on his church. His church is 12 ft. by 12 ft., with cement walls and a straw thatched roof. His 40 members squeeze in and sit Indian style when they worship. However in the rainy season water comes through the roof and they have to stand for the church service.

We also need some money for monthly printing of translation into Telugu. We want to print the Tree of life each week, as well as various Doctrines each month. This will probably cost us around 0-0/month.

Pastor Adams is also asking us to help make his bible college full time. To have a full time residence where the students can live and eat and not need to travel hours to the bible college. It would cost around 00 per month. I’m not sure if that’s what God wants right now for them, but I’m letting you know their desires. Right now it is a part time college in the evenings and the students travel each day to attend. Currently it only costs us around 0/month.

They also would like a vehicle of some kind to evangelize the villages. Pastor Adams tells me there are 150 villages in the area they would like to visit, but transportation is limited and expensive. So I don’t know how, but I’m letting you know they need a strong vehicle to drive down long muddy dirt roads to enter these villages.

The desire in their hearts is there, but the ability and the finances are not there.

So those are our needs and desires for India.

In Nigeria:

Pastor Kingsley’s church really needs a sound system. This will cost around 00. This is important not only for his church members to hear over the loud generator in the church, but also to reach out to the neighborhood community outside the church. People will be able to come and listen outside whenever they want, and Pastor Kingsley also plans on playing Pastor McLaughlin’s tapes all day long outside the church. May God be with them! J But seriously this is a good form of outreach, as they are allowed to play these things in the public areas. Many people walking by will listen and even join the church from hearing the Word of God.

Pastor Kingsley also had needed a car for his ministry to evangelize villages in his area. And someone from our ministry has just donated their car. So we have a good used car for them now (this will save lots of money in taxis, etc…. we spent 00 on transportation in the two weeks we were there). But now we need to ship the car to him, and for that we need 00. We hope to ship him the car within the next month, so if you’d like to give towards that let us know. It will also cost around 0 for Registration in Nigeria.

We also want to send Kingsley to Ghana for 4-6 weeks. The total for this missionary trip including airfare, hotel and food is about 00. We want to send him as soon as possible, so the people there don’t get influenced by the Pentecostal churches in the area.

And Pastor Kingsley is confident about opening a church/children’s center in Ghana before he leaves them. It will cost around 00 for the year to rent a building . They don’t accept monthly rents, but 00 will cover the whole year for this church to begin in Budubaram refugee camp.

Other things to pray about include Pastor Kingsley getting his visa approved to come to the USA for our August Conference here at GBC. We would love to get him here to meet pastor McLaughlin and enjoy the doctrinal teaching face to face. And one day I do envision pastor Kingsley becoming ordained by Pastor McLaughlin.

We also need people to donate some old Strong’s Concordances and Greek Lexicons to help the pastors in Nigeria study on there own. (we now often study on computer through various programs). They will be kept in Kingsley’s church for his members to access during the day. So if you mail those to GBC, we will forward them to his church.

Again thank you all for your support of our ministry and I ask you to keep Pastor Kingsley and Pastor Adams in prayer.

Scott Grande

Photo Slideshow from our Missionary Trip to Nigeria 2008

Photo Slideshow from our Missionary Trip to India 2008